Saturday, April 23, 2011

Gotham City Sirens #22: Breathtaking Cover

I <3 you Cat!  Release date April 20th 2011. 

Do You Love Sushi Enough to Sleep with It?

Well thanks to our friends at ThinkGeek you can! This cuddly foursome will have you dreaming of sushi adventures...crossing sake streams with your pal Tuna or climbing Chopstick Mountain with the help of Wasabi & Ginger.  ThinkGeek's Plush Sushi are your cuddly sushi dreams come true!  They are approximately 8 inches long and are available in Tuna, Shrimp, Salmon Roe, and Wasabi & Ginger.  Pick your flavor or cuddle up with all four adorably delicious friends! <3

Super Hero Stuff is having an Easter Sale!

Why do I have so many EPIC Tees?...because awesome stores exist like! Wait it gets even better b/c they are having an Easter Sale!  You can now save $5 on a $35 purchase or $10 on a $60 purchase!  At the top of my must have list is (of course) this faded yellow Star Wars tee created by Junk Food Tees!  There are many many others that will soon find a new home in my closet of Super Tee Awesomeness.

Garrrrrrr...I Spy Me a Fuzz Ball Pirate A-Hoy!

Don't mess with this salty fuzz ball!  Complete with eye patch, cutlass, and parrot Fuzz The Undercover Pirate Bear has pirated my heart!  Fuzz is one of the creative creations of Cultured Critter Collective.  Standing 7 inches tall Fuzz even comes in his own wood display case!  He is one of many must have critters in the Cultured Critter Collective arsenal.  Garrrrrrrr! <3

Sunday, April 17, 2011

Star Wars-Imperial March-Lego Style

Greedo: The Untold Story

CAUTION: Don't Call Him Cupcake or He'll Bite Your Face Off

Cute and cuddly he may be but he's no cupcake!  C MUFF Imaginary Friend is the muffin friend you always wanted, but don't let his puffballness and little beady eyes fool you he's a little monster! C MUFF was created by artists Sunshine & Jace (The World of Imaginary Friends) and stands 4 inches tall.  Check out Sunshine & Jace's world on Twitter! (@ImginaryFriends) You can get your very own fluffy muffin friend at Nom Nom Nom! <3

Happy Easter Stache Labbit!

Easter Bunny can't hold a candle to the cuteness factor of "Stache Labbit"! Standing 14 inches tall Stache Labbit comes to us from the creative genius of Frank Kozik and is available at  You won't find just any old bunny sporting such a fine Selleck-esque Stache.  I <3 you Stache Labbit!

Friday, April 15, 2011

Cats in Star Wars Helmets by Katie Cook

Katie Cook (one of my favorite artist) has created my favorite artwork to date.  There is so much "win" in Cats in Star Wars Helmets I don't even know where to begin!  The print is 17 in x 5.5 in of AWESOME!  I can't wait to have it hanging on my wall!!  Cute kitties + Star Wars + Helmets = BRILLIANT!

Saturday, April 9, 2011

Another Kick A$$ Bot by Ashley Wood

Meet the newest member of Ashley Wood's arsenal, WWR Arm Strong Monet 0G.  Standing 6.25 inches tall this awesomely detailed robot from Wood's World War Robot Collection can only be described in one word: LEGENDARY! Available now for pre-order at <3

Potato Chips and Mustaches: Together at Last!

There are two things in the world I am powerless to resist: 1. Mustaches. 2. Lays Potato Chips.  Now thanks to I can die happy.  They will lock in freshness and charm up your tater chips with one dashing *click*.  They come in four assorted colors, so you can choose to don your Cheetos with the orange stache or give your Dorritos some Latin flair with the debonair black stache.  Chips 'n Staches...BRILLIANT!

NerdyHot: Tokidoki Spring 2011 Fashion

What is NerdyHot? Tokidoki <3  Their new looks for Spring 2011 are too hot to handle plus they have complete lines of handbags, jewelry , cosmetics (via and sooo much more!  I can't get enough Tokidoki! <3